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RefResource Description & Title
01         Australian Records - Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates; Victorian Family History
2Cambridge History of the British Empire - Australia
3Official Year Book of New South Wales (1926-1927)
4Family and Local History Sources in Victoria 1983
5Local and Family History Sources in Tasmania (A. M. Bartlett?)
6Roots and Branches: Ancestry for Australians - Errol Lea-Scarlett
7City of Bendigo - La Trobe Library
20Index to Missing People found in Victoria Police Correspondence Records (a selection 1853-1940) - Helen Doxford Harris
21Family and Local History Sources in Victoria 1994
22Australian Family Tree Connections - Mar 2002
23Australian Family Tree Connections - Apr 2004
24Mildura Police Station: The First 100 Years (1892-1992) - Compiled by Les Milborn
24a Mildura Police Station: The First 100 Years (1892-1992) - Compiled by Les Milborn – Addendum & Corrigendum
26Convict Families That Made Australia, Volume 1 – Dr C J Smee
27Tracing Your Family History in Australia: A Guide to Resources (Second Edition) – Nick Vine Hall
28Parish Registers in Australia: A list of Originals, Transcripts, Microforms, & Indexes of Australian Parish Registers (Second Edition) – Nick Vine Hall
30Convicts Unbound: The Story of the Calcutta Convicts and their Settlement in Australia – Marjorie Tipping
1Notable South Canterbury Women - Initiated by Kerry Neilson. Compiled and edited by Anna Rebecca
2Selected South Canterbury Biographies [REF]
3Our Lesser Stars: Twelve New Zealand Family Biographies - Edited by Colleen P. Main for the New Zealand Society of Genealogists
4The NZSG 1990 Sesquicentennial Family Biography Competition Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library, A guide to
5Cyclopedia of New Zealand: Otago and Southland (Vol. 4) [REF]
6Who's Who 1974-1975 [REF]
7Julius Vogel: Business Politician - Raewyn Dalziel
8William Mason: The First New Zealand Architect - John Stacpoole
9Who's Who in New Zealand (Twelfth Edition, 1991) [REF]
10Hugh Smith: The Bard of Inanguahua - Berta Sinclair Burns
11a Timaru City Biographical File and Index [REF]
11b Timaru City Biographical File and Index [REF]
11c Timaru City Biographical File and Index [REF]
12Reminiscences of My Life by Robert Thew
13William Ferrier 1855-1922: Photographer - John Lester
14The Memories of William Hanbidge and Chronicles of his Family
15Thomas of Timaru: The Life & Work of a Great Headmaster - George Guy
16Captain Joseph Price 1809-1901 mariner, landowner & family man - Yvonne Fitzmaurice (some published material & research notes)
17         Alwyn Terence Till: A brave Australian airman. A summary of his letters. (1942-1944) - A. Y. Fitzmaurice
18Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage 1990
19Who’s Who 1985 (An Annual Biographical Dictionary. UK)
20From Rotenberg to Rector: The life and career of Mervyn Ansley Bull, ED, MSc, BCom, Soldier, Teacher, Churchman – Alon Shaw (2005)
21Timaru & South Canterbury Folk of Note, who died elsewhere & have been noted in overseas newspapers [Acknowledgement: SouthCanterburyNZGenWebProject] [REF]
22A People’s History: Illustrated Biographies from The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, Volume One 1769-1869
23The Book of New Zealand Women: Ko Kui Ma Te Kaupapa
24Captain Henry Cain (1816-1886)
25Biographical Records (extracted from Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Who’s Who, &c) – Index
25a Biographical Records, Volume 1, A - B
25b Biographical Records, Volume 2, C – D
25c Biographical Records, Volume 3, E – G
25d Biographical Records, Volume 4, H – K
25e Biographical Records, Volume 5, L – Ma
25fBiographical Records, Volume 6, Me – Q
25gBiographical Records, Volume 7, R – S
25hBiographical Records, Volume 8, T – Z
26Cyclopedia of New Zealand: Canterbury (Vol. 3) [REF]
27Student at the Gates – Elsie Locke
28Freshly Remembered: Half a Century of School – Muriel May
29Unto These Least: The story of Mother Aubert and her great work – by Barbara Harper
30Notes on my childhood – probably written by Nancy Elaine Manhire [undated]
31Gordon Hamilton Moffat – Written by Maitel Moffat
#Memories (Personal Accounts of life in and around Timaru) from The Timaru Herald, December 1999 - August 2000 [REF. Refer DH100]
1The Good Logs of Algidus - Mona Anderson
2A River Rules My Life - Mona Anderson
3The Seed They Sowed: Centennial Story of Lincoln College - I. D. Blair
4"Much Ado . . . ": Hanmer Springs 1881-1983 - Rosemary Ensor
5Temporary Quarters: Immigrant Accommodation in Canterbury 1840-1876 - Ronald A. Chapman (Canterbury Museum, December 1999)
6Parish of Papanui 1853-1953: Comprising the Church Centres of St Paul's Papanui, St James' Harewood and St Silas' Styx
7Over The Hills But Not To Stay [Banks Peninsula] - Jane Hascombe
8The First Four Ships: Canterbury colonist families share their histories - published by The Press (October 2006) [copy also in Shipping SHP29]
9Christ's College Register 1987
10Christchurch South Intermediate School 50th Jubilee (1939-1989)
11Some Canterbury Churches - Doreen Warren (illust. Fanny Buss)
12Early Days of Leeston - As recorded by the Late C. C. Smithson (2006)
13A Picture Book of Old Canterbury - Ken Coates, Halina Ogonowska-Coates
14A History of the Canterbury Frozen Meat Company Limited
15Unclimbed New Zealand: Alpine Travel in the Canterbury and Westland Ranges, Southern Alps – John Pascoe (1939)
16Professor Bickerton’s Wainoni - Tim Baker (2004)
17Aranui & Wainoni History - Tim Baker
18Early Christchurch Hotels - compiled by Ray Stenhouse
19Nurse Maude: The First 100 Years - by Vivienne Allan (1996)
20Avonside Girls’ High School magazine 2005
21Prospectus of Newspaper to be established in the Canterbury Settlement (Lyttelton Times), with a description of the voyages of the First Four Ships (1850)
22THE PRESS: Our Century – A year-by-year account
23“Longbeach” Ashburton, New Zealand
24Those first four ships – The Star, January 9, 1985; The First Four Ships Project – The Press, January 2, 3, 4, 5, 2006
25Beyond the Cova: A History of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Mairehau, Christchurch, NZ 1952-2002 – by Phil O’Malley
26First Church on the Plains: A Centennial History of All Saints Garrison Church – 1864-1964 Burnham Military Camp
27Country Tales from Canterbury and Marlborough – Ethel Gardner
28ASHBURTON: A History – W. H. Scotter
29The Devil’s Own Brigade: A History of the Lyttelton Gaol 1860-1920 – David Gee (1975)
30Allenton School Centennial 1897 - 1997
31Anama School Golden Jubilee 1902 - 1952
32Tenth Anniversary Riccarton Branch NZSG (1986-1996)
33Ashburton Borough School 125th Jubilee 1872 – 1997
34Ashburton 85th Anniversary 1881 – 1965
35Ashburton High School - A Centenary of Secondary Education 1881 – 1981
36Ashburton Technical School, Ashburton Technical High School, Ashburton Technical College – Golden Jubilee Year 1912 -1962
37A History of Chertsey School and District – School Centennial 1878 – 1978
38Christ’s College School List 1850 – 1950
39Christ’s College School List 1950 – 1980
40Christ’s College School List 1850 – 1995
41School on the High Plains – A Chronicle of Darfield High School 1951 – 2000 – by Margaret Thompson
42Dorie School – 75th Jubilee Celebrations 1888 – 1963
43Eiffelton School 1890 – 1965 75th Jubilee Celebrations
44Flemington School, 1881-1981 Centennial Celebrations
45One Hundred Years In Green Pastures – Greenpark School
46Hampstead School (Ashburton East) 1886 – 1966 – 80th Anniversary Celebrations
47Hampstead School (Ashburton East) 1886 – 1986 – Centenary
48Hinds School Centennial 1881 – 1981
49Lagmhor School Fiftieth Jubilee Celebrations 1918 – 1968
50Lincoln School 1886-1966
51Lincoln Primary School 125th Jubilee Celebrations 1866 – 1991
52Lismore School 1882 – 1982
53The History of Lyndhurst School & District 1886 – 1986 Centenary
54Lynnford School & District 80th Jubilee 1912 – 1992
55Mayfield School & District 1887-1987
56Methven Schools’ Centennial Celebrations 1882 – 1982
57Rakaia: 125 years of pupils’ lives – past & present – 1872 – 1997 – by J. F. Pearson
58The Rangi Ruru School Register – Rangi Ruru 100 (1989)
59Ruapuna – History of the School and District 75th Jubilee (1962)
60St. Andrew’s College 1916 – 1996 History and School List
61St Andrew’s College School List 1917-1991
62St Bede’s College 75th Jubilee 1911 – 1986 School Roll
63Selwyn House School (Parents’ Union School) 1929-1979
64Southbridge School 125th Jubilee 1868 – 1993
65Springston School 125th Jubilee 1868-1993
66Tinwald School 75th Anniversary Celebrations 1879 – 1954
67Tinwald School Centenary 1879 – 1979
68Tinwald School Anniversary 125 – Combined Tinwald School History Writings 1879 – 2004
69Wakanui, Riverside and Seaview Schools Centennial 1876 – 1976
70Westerfield School 75th Anniversary Celebrations 1888 - 1963
71Westerfield School Centennial 1888-1988
72Willowby School Centennial 1876 – 1976
73The Canterbury Colony: Its Site and Prospects (1976 reprint from 1852)
74Greendale Centennial Story: A brief history of the district covering the years 1865 to 1972 – by M. E. Adams
75Schooled under the nor’west arch – by Ena Paterson [Waddington School 1874-1948, Annat School 1882-1948, Russell’s Flat School 1874-1948, Sheffield Consolidated School 1949-1978; Darfield High School]
76A House Not Made With Hands: A history of the Durham Street Methodist Church Christchurch since the present church building was erected 1864 – 1964
77Centenary of Barrhill 1877 – 1977 St John’s
78A Diamond Jubilee History of Saint Luke’s Church Hinds: With Historical Notes on Longbeach, Waterton, Windermere and Coldstream – by H. F. Ault
79A Brief History of the Presbyterian Parish of Rakaia surveying the past 100 years – compiled by Mr. A. L. Oakley, edited b Rev. T. D. Phillipps [1980]
80The Ashburton Post Office – A Souvenir Booklet (1965)
81Ashburton Silver Band Seventieth Anniversary 1972
82LPC Dry Dock 125th Anniversary – Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, 2008
# Province of Canterbury Electoral Roll for 1868-69 [See MR35]
CEMAll Reference
1Index Cemetery Records held by South Canterbury
2Master Index Surnames Canterbury Headstone Inscriptions
3Cumulative Index All South Canterbury & Upper Waitaki Cemeteries (A to Z)
04a Timaru Cemetery Registers 1860-1938; 1906-1938
04b Timaru Cemetery Registers 1906-1938; 1938-1962
04c Timaru Cemetery Registers 1938-1962; 1962-1975
5Geraldine Cemetery Graves Book
6Geraldine Cemetery Burial Book
07a Lone Graves/Isolated Graves & Memorials [Ref. NZSG Cemetery Records]
07b Lone Graves/Isolated Graves & Memorials [Ref. NZSG Cemetery Records]
8Woodbury Cemetery - Burial Index and Plan (2004)
9Cemeteries: NZSG, as on fiche, but in hard copy -
09aa North Canterbury Cemeteries: Culverden, Hanmer Springs, Rotherham, Waiau, Amuri County Public
09a North Canterbury & Canterbury Cemeteries: Cheviot - Homeview, Gore Bay, Cheviot County Public Memorials; Coalgate - South Malven, Courtenay - St Matthew's Anglican, Darfield - St Joseph's Catholic, Greendale, Hororata - Public, Hororata - St John's Anglican, Kimberley, Kirwee - Public, Kirwee - St George's Anglican, Springfield - Kowai Pass, Waddington; Oxford; Cust - Anglican, Cust - Presbyterian, Flaxton - St Paul's Anglican, Rangiora - Anglican, Rangiora - Baptist, Rangiora - Catholic, Rangiora – East Belt, Rangiora - Methodist, Woodend - Methodist, Woodend - St Barnabas's Anglican; Clarkeville – St Augustine's Anglican, Eyreton - St Thomas's Anglican, Kaiapoi - Anglican, Kaiapoi - Public, Mandeville, Swannanoa - Methodist; Belfast, Burwood - All Saints' Anglican, Harewood - St James's Anglican, Yaldhurst - Wesleyan (Withell Rd); Broadfield - Shands Rd, Halkett - Presbyterian, Halswell – St Mary's Anglican, Lincoln - Public, Prebbleton - All Saints' Anglican; Prebbleton - Public; Templeton – St Saviour's Anglican; Weedons - Methodist; West Melton - St Paul's Anglican, Yaldhurst; Paparua County Public Memorials ; Amuri County Public Memorials
09b Canterbury Cemeteries: Avonside - Holy Trinity Anglican, Barbadoes St, Papanui - St Paul's Anglican, Upper Riccarton - St Peter's Anglican, Woolston - St John's Anglican (Heathcote), Christchurch City Public Memorials; Lyttelton - Public; Governor's Bay - St Cuthbert's, Port Levy - St Paul's Anglican, Teddington – St Peter's Anglican
09c Canterbury Cemeteries: Akaroa - Anglican, Akaroa - Catholic, Akaroa - French, Akaroa - Presbyterian, Duvauchelles Bay, Le Bons Bay, Little Akaloa - St Luke's Anglican, Okains Bay (1869-1971), Pigeon Bay, Wainui - Public; Gebbies Valley - Anglican, Kaituna Valley - St Kentigern's, Little River - Maori, Little River - St Andrew's Anglican, Wairewa County Public Memorials; Brookside - Anglican, Brookside - Presbyterian, Burnham, Dunsandel, Ellesmere - Public, Killinchy - All Saints' Anglican, Leeston - Catholic, Sedgemere - St Mark's Anglican, Southbridge - Methodist, Southbridge - St James's Anglican, Springston - Anglican, Springston - Public, Taumutu Churchyard - Maori, Ellesmere County Public Memorials
09d Mid Canterbury Cemeteries: Alford Forest; Barrhill; Windermere Churchyard; Winslow; Cracroft; Mount Somers – Pioneer, Mount Somers - Public; Westerfield; Ashburton Public Cemetery (Old Section); Ashburton Old Cemetery; Chertsey; Coldstream; Dorie - St Patrick's Churchyard; Highbank; Hinds; Methven; Rakaia; Ruapuna; Waterton; Ashburton County Public Memorials
09e South Canterbury Cemeteries: Arowhenua - Holy Trinity Churchyard, Maori; Arundel; Claremont Novitiate [reinterred at Temuka]; Geraldine. Glenavy; Kakahu; Mesopotamia Station; Mt Peel - church of the Holy Innocents; Pareora West
09fSouth Canterbury Cemeteries: Pleasant Point, Pleasant Valley - St Anne's Anglican; Woodbury - Public, Woodbury - St Thomas's Anglican, Strathallan County Public Memorials, Timaru City War Memorials (with Strathallan on fiche); Albury, Burkes Pass, Cave - Burnett Family & St David's, Fairlie, Fairlie - St Columba Presbyterian, Raincliff - St David's Anglican, Mackenzie County War Memorials
09gSouth Canterbury Cemeteries: Temuka
09h South Canterbury Cemeteries: Timaru - Vols I, II, III
09i Timaru (NZSG; as on fiche) - Vols IVa, IVb; Timaru - Salisbury Park Crematorium (a, b, c)
09j South Canterbury Cemeteries: Esk Valley, Glenavy, Hakataramea - Old, Hakataramea - Public, Morven, Morven - Maori, Otaio, Tawai/Tauhinu - Te Kapa's Pa, Waihao Downs - St Michael's Anglican, Waimate – Lawn, Waimate - Maori, Waimate - Old, Waitangi/Te Akatarawa Station, Waimate County War Memorials
09k North Otago Cemeteries: Duntroon, Georgetown, Hampden, Herbert (Otepopo), Kurow, Livingstone, Maheno, Moeraki - Maori (Peninsula), Ngapara, Omarama - New, Otematata - Old, Papakaio, Waitaki County Public Memorials; Goodwood, Macraes Flat - Old, Macraes Flat - New
09l Central Otago Cemeteries (some – Maniototo County): Blackstone Hill (Hill’s Creek), Gimmerburn, Hamiltons, Hyde, Kyeburn Diggings, Kyeburn/Kokonga – Swinburn, St Bathans Public, St Bathans Catholic (St Patrick’s Churchyard), Maniototo County Public Memorials; (three – Vincent County): Hawea Flat, Nevis, Tarras.
10Featherston WWI Soldiers Cemetery: full list of soldiers buried at Featherston - compiled by Adele Pentony-Graham
11Timaru Cemetery - plans of named plots (partial)
12Salisbury Park Crematorium South Canterbury 1982-1992
13St Mary’s Esk Valley Cemetery – plot names & dates
14a Plan of Plots for Interment and Site of St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Upper Otaio, near St. Andrews – John Thompson Surveyor
14b St Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery Upper Otaio – map of named plots
03a Gen Com News, March 1995
03b Gen Com News, March 1999
03c Gen Com News, June 1999
03d Gen Com News, September 1999
03e Gen Com News, December 1999
03f Gen Com News, March 2000
03g Gen Com News, June 2000
03h Gen Com News, September 2000
03i Gen Com News, December 2000
03j Gen Com News, March 2001
03k Gen Com News, June 2001
03l Gen Com News, September 2001
03m Gen Com News, June 2006
4CD Volume One - Booklet for CD ROM Contents (for CD11)
5Genealogy Links to the WWW
6Searching Names Using Wildcards and Soundex - David W. Webster, FSA Scot [see GIG41]
7Your 2012 web guide (Family Tree/ABM/The [with FTM Christmas 2011]
#Irish Family History Research on the Internet [See IRE 02] [REF]
#Useful World Wide Web Sites For Scottish Research - David W. Webster, FSA Scot [See SCOT 17]
See separate listing
1Timaru Philatelic Society (Incorporated) Golden Jubilee 1928-1978
2Discovering This Emerald South Canterbury - James Maxwell (1974)
3Discovering the Mackenzie and Mt Cook Country - James Maxwell
4Strangers and Pilgrims: A Hundred Years at St Mary's Timaru - Averille Lawrence
5Daybreak in Geraldine County 1877-1952 - A. J. Davey
6The Streets of Timaru - J. B. Hamilton
06a The Streets of Timaru – Jack Hamilton and Keith Bartholomew (2011)
7A History of Timaru Hospital - J. C. McKenzie
8Timaru South School 75th Jubilee 1881-1956
9Kiwi Characters, Swingle Trees, Other Things - Claude E. Maindonald
10Milford: Its Life and Times
11Greenfields of Yesteryears - written and edited by Rex Bowden (Cricket)
12Timaru Old Boys' Rugby Football Club Golden Jubilee History 1919-1969 - Jack Clemens
13Claremont District Reminiscences: 1990 Project Claremont C. W. I.
14100 Years of Cricket in Temuka 1884-1984 - Ken Ogilvie
15100 Not Out: A History of Cricket in Waimate 1882-1982
16Farmers in Business: A century of service to South Canterbury by The Canterbury Farmers' Co-op. Assn Ltd - Eulla Williamson
17Celtic Rugby Football Club Golden Jubilee 1906-1956: History of the Celtic Rugby Club Timaru
18Zingari Rugby Football Club 75th Jubilee 1906-1981: Reflections - Dave H. Wood
19The Celtic Rugby Squash Club Incorporated 75th Jubilee 1906-1981 (A summary of the last twenty-five years) - Isobel Harbraken
20100 Years of Bowling in South Canterbury 1886-1986 (Timaru Bowling Club)
21Winchester Jubilee 1870-1995: Celebrating 125 Years
22Winchester's History - Alan A. Patrick
23Geraldine Volunteer Fire Brigade 1889-1989 (A History of the)
24Marist Brothers School Jubilee 1892-1952: Jubilee Magazine
25Geraldine 1862-1962: A Centenary of Schooling
26Centennial 1895-1995: 'Mahia nga mahi, kaua he korero' 'Deeds not words' - Arowhenua Maori School
27Cheerful Yesterdays: A Centennial History of the Gleniti (Wai-iti) School 1879-1979 - Wm. C. Charteris
28The Changing Years: A brief history of Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Timaru 1952-1977
29Kia Toa Bowling Club: Men's 75th Jubilee, Ladies' 50th Jubilee, Timaru, November 1982
30The Ever Open Door: The story of Knox Presbyterian Church, Waimate: A Century of Worship 1874-1974
31Scouting: 50 Years of 'Endeavour' 1930-1980 (Sea Scouts)
32St Peter's 1914-1989 75th Jubilee (St Peter's Anglican Church, Timaru)
33South Canterbury Hunt 1882-1982 - A. C. Kerr
34The Port of Timaru 1852-1955
35101st Mackenzie Highland Show (East Monday, 5th April 1999)
36South of the Burn: The Southburn Story 1892-1962 - John Button
37Timaru Cricket Club 125 years 1863-1988
38Centenary of Geraldine and Temuka Districts 1855-1955
39Scotsburn, Peel Forest Schools: 125 Years On
40Living at the Brook: The Story of Springbrook - Margaret O'Donnell
41History of Claremont, Timaru, New Zealand, 1867-1948 - Len Selbie
42Jubilee celebrations of Waimataitai School - from The Timaru Herald, August 1932
43South Canterbury's Early Settlers and Immigrants - M. B. Wilkinson
44Celtic St Pats Old Boys and Watersiders Cricket Clubs Reunion 1995
45Pareora East History Trail 1988
46Orari & Belfield Schools 1879-1979
47Easter Monday in the Highlands: A Century of Mackenzie Highland Shows 1899-1998 - John Button and Ray Leslie
48The Timaru Herald: V. J. Day Celebrations 1945-1995
49Timaru Railway Station & Yards 1905-1909
50Sacred Heart Primary School Centenary, Timaru 1879-1979
51The Fifth Schedule: The Story of Waimate's Open Community Hospital - Bernice E. Shackleton
52Schoolroom and Playing Field: A Centennial History of Timaru Boys' High School Centennial 1880-1980 - compiled by G. A. Macaulay
53Timaru South School Centenary 1881-1981
54Timaru Main School 1874-1949: Souvenir of Platinum Jubilee
55Blue Cliffs: The Biography of a South Canterbury Sheep Station 1856-1970 - A. E. Woodhouse
56Marchwiel School 50th Jubilee 1950-2000
57Salisbury School Centennial 1899-1999
58A Century of Service: A History of the South Canterbury and North Otago Police - David A. Thomson and Hendrik Kagei
59Pleasant Point 1868-1968: A Centenary of Schooling
60Pleasant Days: A History of Public Education in the Pleasant Point District - A. J. Pike
61The First One Hundred: Waimate Bowling Club 1894-1994 - Wattie Hoare
62Part 1 Springbrook Householders Index and School Pupils; Part 2 "Springbrook" (publication)
63Geraldine Bowling Club's Jubilee: Women's 50th, Men's 75th (1984)
64Timaru South School: The Class of 1960 - 40 Years On ('Returned')
65Lawn Bowling in Timaru for 120 Years 1886-2006 - D. E. Drake (Timaru Bowling Club)
66Fairlie Bowling Club 50th Anniversary 1924-1974
67Timaru Girls' High School Hostel Reunion Booklet 1916-1971: "House" 50th Anniversary
68Timaru Girls' High School Centennial Magazine 1880-1980
68a Timaru Girls' High School Centennial Celebrations 1880-1980
69Timaru Girls' High School Prospectus (1995)
70Seadown's 100th: Seadown School Centennial 1890-1990
71History of the Parish of Temuka, June 1949 - Rev H. I. Hopkins
72St Joseph’s Parish Temuka 1876-1951: Being an Account of Seventy-five Years' Development of the Parish - prepared by Rev. Father P. P. Cahill, S. M. (A History: Jubilee Magazine, 1951) St Joseph’s Parish Temuka 1876-1951 (A History: Jubilee Magazine, 1951) [ex 109]
73On the Road Again: Fiftieth Jubilee of the AA Mid & South Canterbury Caravan Club - Noel A. Horgan
74Clandeboye: A Century of Fine Cheese Making in South Canterbury
75A History of the South Canterbury Savage Club 1911-1968 [x 2]
76Pleasant Point District High School: Souvenir History 1868-1948
77Lyalldale: A Vision Realised - John Button
78New Pathways: A History of Pleasant Point High School 1970-2004 - Alistair J. Pike
79Winchester School Jubilee 1947
80Samuel Butler at Mesopotamia - Peter Bromley Maling
81St Joseph's School Kerrytown: Centenary 1883-1983
82St Joseph's School 50th Jubilee 1939-1989 (Fairlie)
83Blue Cliffs School and District
84Claremont School and Fairview School
85Fairlie & District Schools: Fairlie (Fairlie Creek), Fairlie DHS, Allandale, Ashwick Flat, Burkes Pass, Cricklewood, Kimbell/Silverstream, Sherwood Downs, Skipton; Haldon Station
86Geraldine District Schools: Geraldine, Hilton (Kakahu) & Gapes Valley Schools & Districts, Orari, Peel Forest (Scotsburn), Rangitata Island, Tripp (Orari Gorge), Woodbury (Waihi Bush)
87Hunter and Teschmaker Schools & District
88Kingsdown School
89Pareora West School and Salisbury School
90Waimate Schools: Primary, District High, High Schools
91Albury and District Schools: Albury, and Chamberlain, Monavale, Mount Nessing, Tengawai; Monavale
92Seadown School and Washdyke School
93Temuka District Schools: Temuka, Clandeboye (& Orton), Milford, Waihi Boys' Preparatory
94Timaru Town Schools: Timaru's First School; Timaru Main, Timaru South, Timaru West, Waimataitai, Gleniti (Wai-iti), Marchwiel, Highfield, Watlington Intermediate
95Pleasant Point District Schools: Consolidation . . . ; Pleasant Point Schools, Pleasant Point St Joseph's, Cannington, Upper Waitohi
96Esk Valley School & Otaio School & Hakataramea Valley School
97Springbrook: Seventy-five years of progress - compiled by Margaret Smith and Ivy Preston
98Heart of a Community: Claremont School 1878-2003
99Some Waimate District Schools: Glenavy (Waitaki North), Gray's Corner, Kapua, Morven (Waihao), Morven St Joseph's, Redcliff, Waitaki Village Settlement/Tawai, Waikakahi; Morven (Waihao); Hannaton-Nukuroa/Studholme; Willowbridge
100Memories (Personal Accounts of life in and around Timaru) from The Timaru Herald, December 1999 – August 2000
101Albury School 125th Jubilee 1882-2007 (Te Ngawai, Chamberlain, Mona Vale, Mt. Nessing)
102St David's Church Raincliff 1907-2007 - Florence Carter & Clive Callow (2007)
103Waimataitai School 125th Jubilee 1882-2007
104Timaru Main School Centennial Celebration 1874-1974
105Welcome to the Timaru Main School 125th Jubilee: 3 Schools 1874-1999
106South Canterbury Tales 50 Years - The History of the South Canterbury Historical Society Inc. (1991)
107Hunter School 1879-1979 (Centennial History)
108High Endeavour: The story of the Mackenzie Country - William Vance
109South Canterbury: A Record of Settlement - O. A. Gillespie
110Lively Retrospect: Timaru Girls High School 1880-1980 - Averille Lawrence
111      Timaru Catholic Secondary Schools: Golden Jubilee 1937-1987 (St Patricks High School 1938; Mercy College 1936; Roncalli College 1982)
112      Timaru Girls’ High School: A 25 year snapshot from 1980-2005
113      New Zealand Historic Places, Number 47, May 1994 (South Canterbury articles – Theatre Royal, Timaru; Timaru’s Harbour; Rock Art; Maori Chief of Waimate; Stained Glass Windows, St Andrew’s, Geraldine; Stock & Station Agencies; Stone Bridges; St David’s, Cave; Mount Nessing & Opawa Stations; Raincliff’s Memories of Pioneers; Burkes Pass Keeffe Family Home; Mackenzie County Power Development; Godley Valley. Mid Canterbury articles – Barrhill & Longbeach; Ashburton’s Station)
114South Canterbury Journal 4: Stories, Articles, Poems by South Canterbury Writers (October, 1973)
115The Hamersley Cup & The life and times of Alfred St George Hamersley (Club Rugby Championship Final, 2010)
116The Three Early Sheep Stations of the Hakataramea Valley – Mervyn Smith
117The School on Grants Road: The 50 Year History of Grantlea and Grantlea Downs School (2009)
118The Rectorials: The Story of Boarding at Timaru Boys’ High School – Alon Shaw & Dion Crooks
119Heart of Oak 1908-1983: A 75th Jubilee History of the Boarding Establishment at Timaru Boys’ High School – Compiled by G. A. Macaulay
120      Musings from the Dead Ball Line on Timaru Boys High School 1st XV Rugby 1880-2008 – compiled by Brian Petrie and Noel Smith
121      Timaru Boys’ High School Memorial Library 1917-2007 – compiled by Brian Petrie and Jeff Elston
122      Eighty Years On: Timaru Boys’ High School 1st XV v St Andrew’s College 1st XV – R. Mervyn Taiaroa & Don Davison (1929-2011)
123Loving Care: The first 25 years of South Canterbury Hospice
124The Northenders: A History of St Joseph’s Timaru North Parish – Jeannette Cooke (2013)
1251990 Calendar THEN & NOW (mostly early photographs of Timaru & district)
126WAR ENDS – VJ Day Celebrations 1945 – 1995 50 Years on (The Timaru Herald)
127Scrapbook of local newspaper clippings of people (mid-1970s – early 1980s) [indexed]
128The Timaru Herald: The 150th Anniversary
129Waimataitai School 1882 – 1982 100 Years
130Glimpses of Geraldine through the years II – compiled by Ian and John Morrison (2009)
131One Foot out the Door (South Canterbury 1915-39) – Vivyan Dowling (1974)
132Adair notes (includes list of names of allotments 1883 & some school reports)
133Discovering Timaru (1984)
134The Waihaorunga Story: Community recollection past and present
135Hilton and Gapes Valley Schools 1875 - 1975
136Some South Canterbury Homesteads
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46Dating Old photographs (Second Edition) - Robert Pols
47Top Tips to start your family tree & CHART (Family Tree Magazine, October 2008) [REF]
48Tracing Family History Overseas from New Zealand - Anne Bromell (1991, 1994)
49Forensic Genealogy – Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD, Andrew Yeiser (Revised. 2013) & CD
50DNA & GENEALOGY – Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD, & Andrew Yeiser (2005)
51The Dead Horse Investigation: Forensic Photo Analysis for Everyone – Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD (2008)
52HELP! Why can’t I find my ancestor’s surname? – Carol Baxter (The History Detective) (2015)
53Concise Genealogical Dictionary – Compiled by Maurine and Glen Harris
54A Dictionary of British Surnames – P. H. Reaney
55Step-by-Step Guide to Tracing your Ancestors – D. M. Field
56Genealogy Source Citations Workshop -SeniorNet Canterbury Inc (2014)
57A Research Guide to Family History Research – compiled by David Hill on behalf of the Family History Society of New Zealand
58My Family History: A Record Book – Helen Tovey (2010)
59Tracing Your Family History: How to Get Started – Kathy Chater (2008)
1Irish Research Notes - Gwen Reiher (Manilla Folder)
2Irish Family History Research on the Internet [REF]
3General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland
04a Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand, Volume One - ABBOTT – DYNAN, 1788-1983 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
04b Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand, Volume Two - EADES – LYTTLE, 1788-1985 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
04c Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand, Volume Three - McAFEE – QUIRK, 1788-1991 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
04d Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand, Volume Four - R – Z, 1788-1984 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
04e Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand – L to Q, 1788-1980 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
04f Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand – R to Z, 1788-1981 – Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
5Handbook on Irish Genealogy: How to trace your ancestors and relatives in Ireland
6Irish Emigration Lists 1833-1839 (Counties Londonderry & Antrim) - Brian Mitchell
7Genealogical and Historical Map of Ireland [REF]
8Tracing the Past - Sources for Local Studies in the Republic of Ireland – William Nolan
26Genealogical Research in Ireland - Dr B. Trainor
27Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland - Marriage License Bonds: 1680-1720 and 1760-1762
28Landowners in Ireland 1876
29A Guide to Irish Parish Registers – Brian Mitchell
30Irish Records: Sources for Family & Local History – James G. Ryan, Ph.D. (1988)
31The Ancestor Trail in Ireland: A Companion Guide – Donal F. Begley
32Irish genealogy: A Record Finder – edited by Donal F. Begley
33Handbook on Irish Genealogy:How to trace your ancestors and relatives in Ireland
34Genealogical and Historical Map of Ireland: Shewing the Five Kingdoms of the Pentarchy [REF]
35Genealogical Atlas of Ireland – David E. Gardner, Derek Harland, Frank Smith
36Surnames in Ireland – Matheson
37Irish Families: Their Names, Arms and Origins – Edward MacLysaght
38More Irish Families – Edward MacLysaght
39a Irish Pedigrees, Volume I – John O’Hart
39b Irish Pedigrees, Volume II – John O’Hart
40Indexes to Irish Wills – Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore and Gertrude Thrift
41A Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills – Edited by Rev. Wallace Clare
42Facts about Ireland
43The Geography of Ireland – Joseph P. Haughton and Desmond A. Gillmor
# In and Around Record Repositories in Great Britain & Ireland - compiled by Rosemary Church and Jean Cole; edited by Avril Cross (FTM; 1990) [See ENG 46]
# In and Around Record Offices in Great Britain and Ireland - Rosemary Church and Jean Cole (Wiltshire FHS; 1987) [See ENGLAND - ENG 47]
# Tracing Your Origins: A Complete Guide to Discovering Your English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Ancestors – Angus Baxter (Introduction by Philip Geeves) [See ENG 81]
# A Register of Irish Settlers to Otago-Southland - Michael Rombouts [See OT 29]
# Burkes Commoners: The Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. I, II, III, IV – John Burke [See ENG319a, b, c, d]
MAPSAll Reference
0Grid for Survey District Maps 01 - 32
1Upper Ashley Survey District
2Grey District
3Kowai District
4Oxford District
5Mairaki District
6Rangiora District
7Fighting Hill District
8Hororata District
9Hawkins District
10Rolleston District
11Christchurch and Sumner Districts
12Alford District
13Spaxton District
14Corwar District
15Hall District
16Selwyn District
17Leeston District
18Halswell District
19Shepherds Bush District
20Westerfield District
21Ashburton District
22Rakaia District
23Hurst District
24Southbridge District
25Ellesmere District
26Rangitata District
27Hinds District
28Wakanui District
29South Rakaia District
30Kapunatiki District
31Coldstream District
32Opihi District
33Southland (AA)
35Stamford Hill (1868)
36Stamford Hill (1915)
37Walthamstow Marshes (1894)
38Leytonstone & Leyton (1915)
39Stoke Newington 1894
40Lower Clapton 1868
41Lower Clapton 1894
42Leyton 1894
43Wanstead Flats 1893
44Dalston 1870
45Hackney 1870
46Hackney 1913
47Forest Gate 1894
48Stratford 1893
49Shoreditch 1872
50Bethnal Green & Bow 1894
52Palistow 1894
53Whitechapel, Spitalfields & The Bank 1873
54Whitechapel, Spitalfields & The Bank 1894
55Stepney & Limehouse 1914
56Poplar 1914
57Canning Town & Custom House 1894
58Totherhithe 1894
59West India Docks 1914
60Silvertown 1893
61North Woolwich 1869
62Deptford 1914
63Greenwick & Isle of Dogs 1913
64Charlton 1867
65Woolwich 1866
66Plan of Timaru Townships Canterbury, NZ 1855
67Town of Timaru and Suburbs (NZPO Directory) (2)
68NZ Post Office Directory Map of the Town of TIMARU and SUBURBS, 1887 (x 3)
69Pastoral Runs of South Island New Zealand (Tussock Grasslands and Mountain Lands Institute, 1976) - 3 large maps (each approx. 101cm x 76 cm) -
69a Upper South Island - sheet 1
69b Central South Island - sheet 2
69c Lower South Island - sheet 3
69 sup Index
70TIMARU & District
70a Topographical Map (Lands and Survey, 1970)
70b Cadastral Map (Lands and Survey, 1979)
71Waimate Borough & County - Cadastral Map (Lands and Survey; 1979) [filed with 72]
72Pukaki - Topographical Map (Lands and Survey; 1983) [filed with 71]
73Christchurch - City North; Districts & Counties North & West of - Cadastral Map (Lands and Survey; 1983) [filed with 74]
74Hawkins District, Canterbury - Cadastral Map (Lands & Survey; 1959) [filed with 73]
75Kaiapoi & Rangiora street map
76Marlborough District Map (AA, 1980)
77North Canterbury Farm Location Map: Waimakariri to Waipara (published by Oxford and Rangiora District Jaycees Inc; 1973)
78Historic New Zealand: Buildings, bridges and earthworks of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (printed & published in Scotland by John Bartholomew & Son Ltd, for New Zealand Yesterdays)
79Map of Sydney & Suburbs (Robinson's)
80S. England: The Tourist Route Map (Bartholomew; 1973)
81British Isles - Motorways and Main Roads, Counties in Colour (Geographia)
82Canada: British Columbia, Alberta - Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley, Yukon and Northwest Territories (Rolph-McNally)
83World Travel May: Europe, Western (Bartholomew; 1976)
84Farm Locations – Geraldine County (1968?)
85Timaru 1878 (Wise & Co’s New Zealand Directory Map)
86Town of Waipopo Huts, 1926 (Arowhenua SD)
87Fairlie (NZ Topographical Map, 1970)
MFAll Reference
01a New Zealand Cemetery Records - A List of Holdings (NZSG; 2004)
01b New Zealand Cemetery Records - A List of Holdings (NZSG; 2006)
3District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Births 1848-1900
4District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Deaths 1848-1900
5District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Births 1901-1920
6District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Deaths 1901-1920
7District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Births 1921-1940
8District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Deaths 1921-1940
9District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Births 1941-1955
10District Keys to the N. Z. Registration Indexes - Deaths 1941-1955
11Divorce Information Extracted from NZ Truth Newspaper c.1946-c.1966 - Index of Co-Respondents
#Lone Graves/Isolated Graves; additional articles relating to local disasters [See CEM07a,b]
#Shipton-under-Wychwood Parish - notes to accompany fiches. The Wychwoods [See ENG 308] [not REF]
See separate listing
MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS (South Canterbury & others NZ)
MRAll Reference
1South Canterbury Jubilee 1859-1909: South Canterbury Pioneers
2South Canterbury People mentioned in the "Cyclopedia of New Zealand" 1897-1908 (6 volumes)
3South Canterbury People mentioned in The Hamilton File in the South Canterbury Museum
4South Canterbury Extracts from "The Macdonald File" (Held at Canterbury Museum)
5South Canterbury Extracts from the Canterbury Death Duties Registers 1867-1914
6Deceased Estates notified in the 'New Zealand Gazette' 1866-1900: South Canterbury Extracts
7Locations of South Canterbury Newspapers Past & Present
8Sheep Returns for South Canterbury for the years 1879, 1880, 1881, 1890, 1891, 1900, 1901 (Extracted from the Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives)
9Freeholders of New Zealand 1882: South Canterbury Extracts
10Drownings in New Zealand 1840-1875
11Fatal Accidents in South Canterbury Alpine Regions
12Index to South Canterbury Wills [ex Timaru Court] held at Archives New Zealand, Christchurch [incomplete]
13Gladstone Electoral Roll 1870-1871
14South Canterbury Extracts from the Canterbury Provincial Roll 1870-1871: Persons Entitled To Vote
15South Canterbury Extracts from the Canterbury Provincial Roll 1873-1874
16Wise & Co's New Zealand Directory 1878-79: South Canterbury Extracts
17South Canterbury Extracts from "Wises Directory" 1921
18South Canterbury Extracts from "Stones Directory" 1903
19a War Heroes South Canterbury: Photos of Soldiers, 1941-1943
19b War Heroes South Canterbury: Photos of Soldiers, 1944-1945
20New Zealand Railways Staff Lists - extracted from Wises & N.Z.P.O. Directories
21New Zealand Railways Staff Lists - extracted from Staff Registers, by the N.Z.R.L.S. Archives
22Significant Events Programme 1982 - Part A, Significant Events and Articles as recorded in the Lyttelton Times 1852/1864 and The Timaru Herald 1864/1981 (South Canterbury Historical Society) - as follows -
22a Vol. I, Jan 3rd 1852 to Dec 21st 1876
22b Vol. II, Jan 1st 1877 to Sept 25th 1890
22c Vol. III, Sept 27th 1890 to Jan 14th 1909
22d Vol. IV, Jan 14th 1909 to June 25th 1929
22e Vol. V, July 2nd 1929 to July 1st 1960
22f Vol. VI, July 4th 1960 to Dec 28th 1981
231908 Infants Act - Adoption Information; 1881 Adoption Act
24New Zealand Statutes 1970 (Vol. 2)
25South Canterbury Schools - Past & Present
26Bibliography of Family Histories and Genealogies Published Before and During The Year 1960 – L. M. Hughes (1977) (Lesley M. Hughes)
27Union List of Newspapers preserved in libraries, newspaper offices, local authority offices and museums in New Zealand - D. R. Harvey (1987)
28Education District of South Canterbury: Examination and Other Reports 1879 - 1905: Scholarships, Free Places, Pupil-Teachers, Civil Service
29South Canterbury Churches & Religious Congregations Past & Present
30A record of the Men of the Geraldine RSA District who fell in the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 – Researched and recorded by Noel A Horgan and J McGregor Simpson
31New Zealand Medical Register 1977 (Medical Council of New Zealand)
32New Zealand Who’s Who: Justices of the Peace 1992
33Mid and South Canterbury Early Hotel Records [& some North Otago] - Compiled by Ray Stenhouse
34Education (Chapter XI) – extract from ‘Jubilee History of South Canterbury’ by Johannes C. Andersen, 1916
35Province of Canterbury Electoral Roll for 1868-69
36Geraldine Electoral Roll 1881 Index & supplement
37Invercargill Electoral Roll 1881 Index & supplement
38The Postal History of South Canterbury: Postal Staff from the early 1850s to present – Compiled by Ken Elliott (2012)
391939-1945 The War Dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire: Italy 12 – Sangro River War Cemetery, Part I
40Drownings in the Avon River, Christchurch 1850-1900
41South Canterbury Bankruptcies 1863-1880 (Index)
42Mid- Canterbury Bankruptcies 1881-1885 (Index)
43Inquests - The Timaru Herald 1864-1899
44Wise’s Directory 1883-84: South Canterbury Extracts
45Geraldine Electoral Roll 1899
46Timaru Electoral Roll 1899
47Waitaki Electoral Roll 1899
48a The Waimate Advertiser, Parts 1 – 30 - (start dates - May 28, 1898; May 13, 1908; October 25, 1909; April 1911; May6, 1912; June 16, 1913; August 14, 1914; March 16, 1915; July 19, 1915; February 2, 1916; February 23, 1917; October 30, 1917; November 29, 1918; September 2, 1919; November 17, 1920; October 1921; January 28, 1922; August 15, 1922; May 23, 1923; September 23, 1924; May 2, 1925; January 26, 1926; November 8, 1926; December 31, 1926; May 25, 1927; January 11, 1928; September 11, 1928; February 2, 1929; July 16, 1929; October 13, 1929)
48b The Waimate Advertiser, Parts 31 – 38 ; The Daily Advertiser (Waimate), Parts 39 - 50 - (start dates – October 26, 1929; April 1, 1930, October 6, 1930; February 4, 1931; February 11, 1931; May 9, 1931; December 15, 1931; March 2, 1932; September 17, 1932; Febraury 27, 1933; June 16, 1933; August 26, 1933; October 21, 1933; January 25, 1934; June 2, 1934; October 20, 1934; October 20, 1934; April 23, 1935; July 16, 1935; October 25, 1935)
48c The Daily Advertiser (Waimate), Parts 51 – 70 - (start dates – March 17, 1936; September 15, 1936; December 30, 1936; March 30, 1937; September 8, 1937; January 19, 1938; June 14, 1938; September 8, 1938; December 8, 1938; April 18, 1939; July 1, 1939; September 2, 1939; November 22, 1939; January 24, 1940; June 1, 1940; October 2, 1940; December 3, 1940; January 25, 1941; March 18, 1941; May 14, 1941)
48d The Daily Advertiser (Waimate), Parts 71 – 110 - (start dates – June 26, 1941; September 10, 1941; October 17, 1941; December 11, 1941; February 20, 1942; June 3, 1942; September 3, 1942; December 4, 1942; March 19, 1943; June 1, 1943; August 16, 1943; November 25, 1947 [1943]; February 3, 1944; June 9, 1944; August 28, 1944; November 17, 1944; January 20, 1945; March 9, 1945; May 5, 1945; June 30, 1945; August 4, 1945; September 17, 1945; November 28, 1945; January 15, 1946; April 2, 1946; June 12, 1946; August 23, 1946; December 5, 1946; February 26, 1947; May 29, 1947; July 31, 1947; November 19, 1947; February 10, 1948; May 28, 1948; September 15, 1948; January 20, 1949; May 13, 1949; August 12, 1949; February 2, 1950; June 14, 1950)
48e The Waimate Advertiser: 100 Years Publishing 1898-1998 – Vol. I, Parts 1 – 15 (1898 – 1921)
48gThe Waimate Advertiser: 100 Years Publishing 1898-1998 – Vol. III, Parts 31 – 45 (1929 – 1934)
48h The Waimate Advertiser: 100 Years Publishing 1898-1998 – Vol. IV, Parts 46 – 60 (1934 – 1939)
49Craighead Diocesan School: School List 1911-1986
50Newspaper: The Timaru Herald - Wednesday, 11th June 1924, 1864 – 1924 Diamond Jubilee Issue
51a The South Canterbury Historical Society Incorporated – person information forms (AGENT –
51a The South Canterbury Historical Society Incorporated – person information forms
51c The South Canterbury Historical Society Incorporated – person information forms
52Newspaper: The Timaru Herald – Saturday, 11 June 1989 – 125 YEARS OF NEWS [REF]
53Newspaper: Herald Communications – the dawn of a new era - Monday, 11 November 1991 [REF]
54Newspaper: The Timaru Herald supplement – Saturday, July 13, 1968 – Centenary of Local Government in Timaru 1868-1968 [REF]
55Newspaper: The Timaru Herald – Friday, June 13, 2014 – SOUTH CANTERBURY OUR REGION OUR PEOPLE Our Success 1864-2014 150 years; The Timaru Herald, Saturday, June 11, 2014 (facsimile) [REF]
56The Timaru Herald – WE REMEMBER ANZAC DAY 2024 [REF]
57Newspaper: The Courier – Special Publication August 2018 – TIMARU DISTRICT A great place to live – TDC150 – A celebration of 150 years of progress in our community [REF]
58a The Press, Wednesday, May 25, 2011 (150 Years)
58b The Press, May 25, 1861 (facsimile)
59The Press 150 - Celebrating 150 Years 1861-2011
60Daily Express, Friday, March 27, 1942 (WWII news)
61Timaru Street Number Changes in the 1920s – compiled by Christopher Templeton, 2021
NZERAll Reference
#Miscellaneous rolls - districts & years (most Canterbury & Otago; most 1970s & 1980s)
#1990 set (not Ashburton, Timaru, Waitaki)
#1993 set (not Otago, Rakaia, Timaru, Waitaki, Southern Maori)
#1998 set (not Aoraki, Banks Peninsula, Otago, Rakaia, Rodney, Wairarapa
#2000 set (not Aoraki, Otago, Rakaia)
#2003 set (not Aoraki, Otago, Rakaia)
#2005 set (not Aoraki)
98Index to Places & Streets 1990
99Index to Places & Streets Sup. 1990
100Index to Places & Streets 2005
1The Maori Wars - Tom Gibson
2Collingwood - A History of the Area from Earliest Days to 1912 - J. N. W. Newport
3Whakapapa: An introduction to Maori family history research (published by the Maori Interest Group of the NZSG, 2006)
4“Taken In” A Sketch of New Zealand Life - "Hopeful"
5New Zealand Yesterdays - A look at our recent past
6The Trans Tours Story
7Tales of Pioneer Women - Collected by the Women’s Institutes of N. Z. Edited by A. E. Woodhouse (1940)
8Seven Days a Week: The Story of Independent Newspapers Limited - Leslie Verry CBE
9The WAAF Book: A scrapbook of wartime memories compiled by Bathia Mackenzie (1982)
10Street Names of Auckland: Their Story - John Davenport (1990)
11Knocking about in New Zealand – Charles L. Money
12The Colonial One: Lorna Monckton of Newstead - Dorothea Joblin
13Wartime Memories: Stories from our men, women and children in World War II
14Nursing in New Zealand - Hester Maclean
15National Mortgage and Agency Co., of N. Z., Ltd.: The story of its First Century - Gordon Parry
16The Featherston Chronicles: A legacy of war – Mike Nicolaidi [1999]
17The Suffrage Trail: A guide to places, memorials and the arts commemorating New Zealand women – Jill Pierce
18Historic Wellington - John H. Alexander
19The Inky Way by Nonagenarian Journalist . . . describing over 70 years of thrilling experience as a news getter - William Hearn Thomas
20Colonial Tears & Sweat: The Working Class in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand - Julia Millen
21New Zealand Herstory 1977 – A New Zealand Woman’s Calendar (includes short articles on specific NZ women & aspects of NZ women’s history)
22Toys of Early New Zealand – Peggy Armstrong & Denise Jackson
23New Zealand Electoral Atlas (1853-1987) - Alan McRobie [REF]
24Migration to New Zealand: a guide for family history researchers – Christine Clement
25Papers Past: New Zealand’s yesteryear newspapers – Coral Shearer
26A Lucky Landing: The Story of the Irish in New Zealand - Ana Rogers
27Early New Zealand: Early History of New Zealand (Bretts Historical Series) - edited by Thomson W. Leys
28Supplement to Place Names of New Zealand – A. W. Reed
29Inangahua District Schools 100 Jubilee 1878-1978
30How Old Is Our House? A guide for the New Zealand home owner – by G. J. Griffiths
31Discharged in New Zealand: Soldiers of the Imperial Foot Regiments who took their discharge in New Zealand 1840-1870 - Hugh & Lyn Hughes, 1988 (NZSG)
32/1Onward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Index
32/2Onward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Index (cont.)
32/3Onward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Index (cont.)
32aOnward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume One – P J Beattie and M J Pomeroy
32bOnward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume Two – P J Beattie and M J Pomeroy
32cOnward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume Three – P J Beattie and M J Pomeroy
32dOnward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume Four – P J Beattie and M J Pomeroy
32eOnward: Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume Five – P J Beattie and M J Pomeroy
33Antipodean Empire: The New Zealand and Australian Land Company in New Zealand – Noel Crawford
34Newspapers of New Zealand: 1521 New Zealand newspapers (
35Gallipoli Correspondent: The frontline diary of C. E. W. Bean – Selected and annotated by Kevin Fewster (1983) [NB. Australia based but relevant to New Zealand’s war history]
36Anzac Newsreel: A Picture History of Gallipoli by Cyril Pearl (1963) [NB. Australia/New Zealand publication, relevant to New Zealand’s war history]
37Auckland Grammar School - School List December 1958
38Two Hundred Years of New Zealand History - A. W. Reed
39A New Twist: A Centennial History of Donaghys Industries Limited - Kathryn G. Lucas
40A History of Queen Margaret College – by M. D. Gambrill
41November Gold: New Zealand's Quest for the Melbourne Cup - Max Lambert
42The Capital of New Zealand Industrial Descriptive Historical Biographical (A view back at life in the 1990’s - produced to commemorate The 20th Anniversary Conference of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand 22-25 August 1996)
43Wanganui Collegiate School Register From 1854 to 1963 (April)
44Long Journey for Sevenpence: Assisted Immigration to New Zealand from the United Kingdom 1947-1975 - Megan Hutching (1999)
45Victoria's Furthest Daughters 1830-1914: A bibliography of published sources for the study of Women in New Zealand - Patricia A. Sargison
46The Deserters: A complete record of military and naval deserters in Australia and New Zealand 1800-1865 - Rae Sexton
47Our Country: A Brief Survey of New Zealand History and Civics
48Wanganui Collegiate School Register From 1854 to 1979 (June)
49Historic Place Names of New Zealand – by L. S. Rickard (1968)
50Roaming Round New Zealand - F. Clune
51Old New Zealand: A Tale of the Good Old Times by a Pakeha Maori - F. E. Maning
52Shaw Savill Line: One hundred years of Trading - Sydney D. Waters
53The Cambridge History of British Empire, Volume III, Part II - New Zealand
54Spinning Yarn: A Centennial History of Alliance Textiles Limited and its predecessors - G. J. McLean
55The New Zealand Army: A History from the 1840s to the 1980s – compiled by Major M. R. Wicksteed, RNZA
56The Scots of New Zealand – by G. L. Pearce
87Newspaper Edition of all New Zealand Army, Airforce & Navy Personnel Killed in World War 2 – 'World War II Anniversary Tribute' (Sunday Star Times, Aug 13, 1995) [REF]
87a World War II Anniversary Tribute (Sunday Star-Times, August 13, 1995) [REF]
88Parish Registers in New Zealand: A list of originals, transcriptions, microfilms & indexes of New Zealand Parish Registers - compiled & published by Bruce Le Grange Garner
1Roll of the Graduates of the University of Otago (to May 1988)
2Doubtful Sound - Herries Beattie
3Gabriel's Gully and Dunedin in 1861 - edited by A. H. Reed
4Long Time Passing: The Centennial Publication of the Mataura Rugby Football Club - Edited by D. C. W. Muir [1986]
5Milton Otago - Alan Gunn (1977)
6Riding the Rails: A Pictorial History of Trams and Cablecars in Dunedin - Jeff Smith
7Letters from Otago (1848-1849) (pub. Hocken Library)
8The Top of the Hill: The Story of Mornington as seen through its streets and buildings - Ray Hargreaves
9Waipahi and District: The Hands of Time (1879-1979)
10Macraes School Centennial 1868-1968; Moonlight, Nenthorn
11Wakatipu's (New Zealand) Scenic Glories
12a Newspaper: The Otago Daily Times - Tuesday, May 8, 1945 - V-Day [REF]
12b Newspaper: The Evening Star - Tuesday, May 8, 1945 - V-Day [REF]
13Newspaper: The Evening Star - Tuesday, February 24, 1948 - Otago Centenary Souvenir [REF]
14On the Edge of the Bush (Women in Early Southland) - Sheila Natusch
15A History of Croydon Siding (1856-1985) – Written by Alex D. Dickie; Edited by Paula Dickie
16A History of Croydon Bush: From the Past To The Present (1856-1988) - Paula Dickie
17The October Celebrations: Waitaki Girls' High School 1987
18Papakaio School: 100th Anniversary 1867-1967
19North Otago . . . on the march! (1959)
20Tracing your ancestors - extracts from Dunedin Star Weekender, 1988-1989 (contributed by Dunedin group NZSG)
21Hocken Bulletins (1992-1997) (Friends of the Hocken Collection)
22Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1968
23Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1969
24Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1970
25Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1971
26Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1972
27Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1973
28Dunedin North Intermediate School Magazine 1974
29A Register of Irish Settlers to Otago-Southland - Michael Rombouts
30A Review of Southland Region Newspaper Collections - compiled by Alan Francis Bryce (Invercargill City Libraries, 1996)
31Omarama Place of Light and Early Waitaki Valley - Marion Aubrey
32Centennial Kurow Schools 1882-1982 (100 years education: Kurow, Wharekuri, Otiake, Hakataramea, Mt. Parker, Foveran)
33Otago Early Settlers' Assoc. Newsletters (March 1979 - July 1983; Nos. 10-20, 22, 23)
34The Boy Colonists or Eight Years of Colonial Life in Otago, New Zealand - Rev. E. Simeon Elwell
35One Muff Too Tough (Ocean Beach) - Michael Turner [re Ocean Beach Meat Works]
36A Cut Above: Early History of the Alliance Freezing Company (Southland) Ltd - Clive A. Lind [1985]
37Not for School but for Life: Southland Girls’ High School 1879-1979 - Olive Deaker
38Otago Cavalade 1911-1915 - Hardwicke Knight (1984)
39East of the Twinlaws: Centennial History of the Wairio School and District
40Pick and Shovel, Cradle and Pan: 150 Years of Gold Discovery in Otago, Southland and on the West Coast – Stories of our gold mining ancestors - DFHG publication (2011)
41The Otago of Our Mothers – E. L. Soper
42Beginnings – Early History of North Otago (From 1853) [pub. 1934/2978]
43Wanaka Story: A History of the Wanaka, Hawea, Tarras and surrounding districts – Irvine Roxburgh [1957]
44Childhood Memories: a collection of essays written for our 1993 essay Competition (Dunedin Branch NZ Society of Genealogists)
45Kuriheka Homestead – Timothy Nichols
46Pubs Galore: History of Dunedin Hotels 1848-1984 – Frank Tod
47John McGlashan College 1918 – 1993 History & Register
48Kakanui School Centenary with the History of the District 1870-1970
49A History of the Maheno District and School Centennial 1875-1975
50During Our Time . . . . – Memories of days at Oamaru South School – Centennial 1877 – 1977
51St Hilda’s Collegiate School – The First Seventy Years 1896-1966
52Strong to Endure – Waitaki Boys’ High School 1883 – 1983 – by A. R. Tyrrell
53The University of Otago: A Centennial History – by W. P. Morrell (1969)
# List of Immigrants, Debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passage Moneys (“Assisted Immigration Passage Money Account”) 1848 – 1869 [See SHP28]
PR All Reference
1St Mary's Anglican Church, Timaru: Burials 1860-1870, 1875-1918 – Register
01a St Mary's Anglican Church, Timaru: Burials 1860-1870, 1875-1918 – Transcription
01bSt Mary's Anglican Church, Timaru: Burials 1860-1870, 1875-1918 – Index
2St Mary's Anglican Church, Timaru: Marriage Index - 1860-1995
02a-02p St Mary's Anglican Church Marriages Feb 1860 - Oct 1995 Nos. 1 – 9546 (certificates)
3St Mary's Anglican Church, Timaru: Register of Baptisms - Index 1860-1951
3-FebSt Mary's Anglican Church Timaru: Register of Baptisms - Index 1860-1951
03a-93e St Mary's Anglican Church Baptism Feb 1860 - Jan 1951 Nos. 1 - 9179 (certificates)
4Anglican Confirmation Register 1913-1967 - St Mary's, Timaru; St John's, Highfield, Timaru; St Mark’s, Beaconsfield/Otipua; St Peter's Kensington-Otipua, Timaru; St Matthew’s, Kingsdown (?); St Peter's Temuka; St Peter's Mission at Pareora East in Parish of Otipua Pareora
6Miscellaneous Parish Registers Indexes: Pareora West Methodist – Baptisms, Marriages, Burials; Pleasant Point Anglican – Baptisms, Marriages, Burials; Temuka/Winchester Anglican – Baptisms, Marriages, Burials
07a St Andrews Presbyterian Parish Baptisms Register 1891-1953 (photocopies)
07b St Andrews Presbyterian Parish Baptisms Register 1891-1953 (transcriptions)
08a Marriages: Presbyterian Church St Andrews 1939-1974 (photocopies)
08b St Andrews Presbyterian Parish Marriage Register Dec 1939-Jan 1974 (transcriptions)
09a St Andrews Presbyterian Marriages 1974-1983; St Andrews Co-operating Parish Marriage Register 1974-1983 (photocopies)
09b St Andrews Co-operating Parish (Presbyterian/Anglican) Marriage Register 1974-1983; (transcriptions) (incl. St Andrews Presbyterian Church; Hunter Presbyterian Church; Southburn Presbyterian Church; St Mary's Anglican Church, Esk Valley; St Peter's Anglican Church, Pareora; St Andrew's Anglican Church, St Andrews; St James's Anglican Church, Maungati)
10a Marriages: Church of England 1918-1955 - St Andrews, Esk Valley, Otaio & Pareora Churches (photocopies)
10b Marriages: Church of England St Andrews 1953-1977 (photocopies, cont.)
10c Bluecliffs & Otaio Parish St Andrews Marriage Register 1918-1977 (transcriptions) (incl. St Mary's Church, Esk Valley/Otaio; St Andrew's Church, St Andrews; St Peter's Church, Pareora; St James's Church, Maungati)
11a Baptisms: Church of England Bluecliffs & Otaio 1880-1954 (photocopies)
11b Bluecliffs & Otaio Anglican Parish Register Baptisms 1880-1954 (transcriptions)
12Marriage Register 1902-1930: Churches of St Mark, Beaconsfield; St Matthew, Kingsdown; St Peter, Pareora
13Pareora West Methodist Church Baptism Register 1867-1915 (transcriptions)
14Pareora West Methodist Church Marriage Register 1871-1938 (transcriptions)
15Pareora West Methodist Church Burial Register 1870-1956 (transcriptions)
16St Albans Anglican Parish Pleasant Point Baptisms 1879-1929; St Stephens, Fairlie; St Martins, Albury; St Davids, Raincliff; All Saints, Cave (transcriptions)
17Parish Records: St Albans Anglican Pleasant Point Marriages 1883-1929; St Stephens, Fairlie; St Martins, Albury; St Davids, Raincliff; All Saints, Cave (transcriptions)
18Parish Records: St Albans Anglican Pleasant Point Burials 1881-1929; St Stephens, Fairlie; St Martins, Albury; St Davids, Raincliff; All Saints, Cave (transcriptions)
22Burials in the Churchyard of Holy Innocents, Mount Peei, 29 October 1864 – 26 March 1994 (part 1928 – part 1961 missing)
23Church of the Holy Innocents, Mount Peel – Indexes to Baptismal, Marriage & Burial Registers
24Church of the Holy Innocents, Mount Peel – Baptismal Register, 1869-1994 (transcriptions)
25Church of the Holy Innocents, Mount Peel – Marriage Register, 1877-1994 (transcriptions)
26Church of the Holy Innocents, Mount Peel – Burial Register, 1864-1994 (transcriptions)
28Chalmers Presbyterian Church Baptisms, Marriages, Burials: Master Index
28a-28n, 29 (transcriptions 1902-1921; certificates 1922-1984)
28a-28m Chalmers Presbyterian Church Marriages, Vol 1.-Vol. 14, 09 Jul 1902 - 27 Dec 1977
28n Chalmers Presbyterian Church Marriages, Vol 14. 31 Dec 1977 - 01 Aug 1984; Chalmers Presbyterian Church Baptisms, Vol 14. 19 May 1902 - 19 Mar 1944
29Chalmers Presbyterian Church Baptisms, Vol 15. 26 Mar 1944 - 04 Jun 1967; Chalmers Presbyterian Church Burials, Vol 15. 11 Jun 1902 - 29 Feb 1908
33a-33b Temuka/Winchester District - Anglican Marriages, Bks 1-8: 1881-1950; Bk 9: 1916-1923
34St Peter's Anglican Parish, Temuka: Burial Records: 1878-1948; 1952-1987
35St John the Evangelist Anglican Parish, Winchester: Baptisms Records: 1879-1899
42Canterbury, South Canterbury and Westland Parishes of the Diocese of Catholic Diocese of Christchurch: A Listing
43Methodist Church Records: Timaru & South Canterbury - Circuits & Records held at Methodist Archives, Christchurch, 2005
44a-44d Trinity Presbyterian Church Marriages, 1875 – 1965 (Nos. 1-1285) (transcriptions)
45a Trinity Presbyterian Church Baptisms, 1881 – 1967 (transcriptions)
46a-48d St Paul’s Timaru Presbyterian Church Marriages, 1915 – 1992 (Nos. 1A-1412) (transcriptions)
47a–47d Temuka Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1880 – 1976 (Nos. 1-1042) (transcriptions)
48a Temuka Presbyterian Parish Baptisms transcriptions, 1885 – 1960 (transcriptions)
49a-49b Pleasant Point Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1881 – 1972 (Nos. 1-292) (transcriptions)
50a Mackenzie Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1892 – 1939 (Nos. 1-197) (transcriptions)
51a Geraldine Presbyterian Parish Baptisms, 1890 – 1962 (transcriptions)
52a-52b Waimate Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1876 – 1949 (Nos. 1-759) (transcriptions)
53a-53b Albury Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1911 – 1982 (Nos. 1-105; 1-58) (transcriptions)
54a St David’s Memorial Church Cave Presbyterian Marriages, 1929 - 1980 (Nos. 1-127) (transcriptions)
55a-55b Orari Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1916 - 1983 (Nos. 1-99; Nos. 1-99) (transcriptions)
56a Waitaki - Morven Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1898 - 1969 (Nos. 1-148) (transcriptions)
57a-57b St Andrews Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1882 - 1974 (Nos. 1-153; Nos. 1-98) (transcriptions)
58a Waihao Valley Presbyterian Parish Marriages, 1916 - 1969 (Nos. 1-66) (transcriptions)
59a-59b Presbyterian Marriages by Rev George Barclay, 1865 - 1908 (Nos. 1-83; Nos. 1-30) (transcriptions)
60Index to Transcriptions of Registers of the Waihao Anglican Parish, 1903 – 1986
61Index to Transcriptions of Registers of the Presbyterian Parish of Waihao, 1898 – 1988
6Guide to Genealogical Resources - Australia & New Zealand - Niel T. Hansen (1962)
20Otago Southland Genealogical Research Directory 1998
22Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand (Revised) Volume Three - McAfee-Quirke 1788-1991 - Hubert William Coffey and Marjorie Jean Morgan
29New Zealand Family Research Directory 2000
31The Genealogical Services Directory - Family & Local History Handbook (5th Ed. International)
35Genealogical Research Directory 2005 (National & International) 25th year
40Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Nelson and Marlborough (NZSG)
41Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Canterbury and Westland (NZSG)
42Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Otago (NZSG)
43Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Southland (NZSG)
44National Library of New Zealand - Family History Collection List of Holdings February 2005
45Family Research Directory 2005 (NZSG)
46a A Guide to the North Otago Museum Archive - Compiled by the North Otago Museum - June 2002
46b A Guide to the North Otago Museum Archive - Compiled by the North Otago Museum – September 2005
47Genealogical Research Directory 2006 (National & International)
48Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Wellington (NZSG)
49Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Hawke's Bay and Wairarapa (NZSG)
50Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Taranaki, Wanganui, Rangitikei and Manawatu (NZSG)
51Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Thames Valley, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, East Cape (NZSG)
52Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Waikato, King Country and Taupo (NZSG)
53Regional Research Repositories: Researching in Auckland and Northland (NZSG)
54Researching Family History: a booklist of genealogical material held by the Auckland Public Library (1987)
54a Researching Family History: a booklist of genealogical material held by the Auckland Public Library (supplement) [REF]
55The Directory Directory: The family, local and social historian's guide to contents and holdings of New Zealand almanac, business, postal and telephone directories 1842-1960 - Donald Hansen (1994)
56Archives New Zealand: A Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Tokelau, Tonga, and Western Samoa - compiled by Frank Rogers (1984)
57Genealogical Resources in the Hutt Valley - Edited by Peggy Crawford for the Hutt Valley Group NZSG (1994)
58A Brief Guide to Family History Sources at Archives New Zealand Christchurch Regional Office (2002)
59A Guide to Family History Sources at the Dunedin Regional Office of National Archives (1998)
60Are you looking for a Person in the Past? Some New Zealand sources in the Reference Section, Alexander Turnbull Library [REF]
62Whakapapa: A guide to resources held in The New Zealand Collection - Canterbury Public Library [REF]
63New Zealand Repositories: Local & National - Christchurch list, Dunedin list, Southland list; Wellington City Archive; Timaru FHC; National Archives Guides; Archives NZ Christchurch; National Archives Dunedin; Canterbury Museum; Canterbury Public Library; Hocken Library Dunedin; South Canterbury Museum; Waimate Museum; National Library/Alexander Turnbull Library; Methodist Archives NZ; NZ Defence Force [REF]
64Genealogical Research in Christchurch - Marie Corser and Lynley Goldsmith (1989)
65Mid-Canterbury Family History Group Members Interest List (1991)
66From Sapling to Sawdust: The Family Tree in the New Zealand Collection Canterbury Public Library (1997)
67Canterbury Historical Societies & Museums
68Canterbury University Library, Museum Library, Public Library, Canterbury NZSG Group Library
69New Zealand Society of Genealogists - Canterbury Group Library Holdings (1988)
70Archives in Canterbury and Westland (Canterbury/Westland branch ARANZ; 2nd ed, 1994)
71Sources for Family History at the Otago Early Settlers Museum (1989; S. Brosnahan)
72Dunedin Genealogy Directory 1992 - A. Philp
73Sources on Genealogy in the McNab Collection - Stephen Innes (Dunedin Public Library, 1985)
75Genealogical Research Directory 2007 (National & International)
1Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry - Kathleen B. Cory
2A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland - Frank Smith, F. S. G.
3The Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames (with a vocabulary of Christian names) – Clifford Stanley Sims
4Scottish Ancestry Research: A Brief Guide - Donald Whyte, F. H. G., F. S. A. Scot.
5In Search of Scottish Ancestry - Gerald Hamilton-Edwards
6Travellers’ Tales: Road to The Isles
09a Some Sutherland Burial Grounds - Pre 1855 Tombstone Inscriptions
09b Some Sutherland and Caithness Burial Grounds - Pre 1855 Tombstone Inscriptions
101851 Census Index - Parishes of Kiltearn, Knockbain, Kincardine, (Ross and Cromarty), Wick (Caithness); Tombstone Inscriptions - Geddes (Nairnshire)
11Arran: An Island's Story - Allan Paterson Milne
13Scottish Family History - Margaret Stuart
14Massacre at Glencoe 1692 (Jackdaw Series)
15Scottish Statistical Accounts for the Parish of Old or West Monkland, Lanarkshire and the Parish of Urquhart and Glenmoriston, Inverness-shire
17Useful World Wide Web Sites For Scottish Research - David W. Webster, FSA Scot
18Kiwi Kith & Kin - Scottish Interest Group of the NZSG Newsletter (No. 55, February 2004)
19Tea at Miss Cranston’s: A Century of Glasgow Memories – Anna Blair; illustrated by William B. Taylor
20West of Scotland: Census Returns & Old Parochial Registers (with Parish Atlas)
21The Parishes, Registers & Registrars of Scotland
22A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland – Frank Smith, F.S.G.
23Scottish Roots: A step-by-step guide for Ancestor-hunters in Scotland and overseas – Alwyn James
24The Emigrant Scots: Why they left and where they went – Michael Brander
25A Genealogical Atlas of Scotland – Compiled from original maps by David E. Gardner, Derek Harland, Frank Smith
26Key to the Parochial Registers of Scotland – V. Ben Bloxham
27Homelands of the Clans – Gerald Warner
28The Clans of the Scottish Highlands – R. R. McIan
29The Tartans of the Scottish Clans – James D. Scarlett
# The Dictionary of Genealogy: A guide to British Ancestry Research - Terrick V H FitzHugh (1985) [See ENGLAND - ENG 80]
# Tracing Your Origins: A Complete Guide to Discovering Your English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Ancestors – Angus Baxter (Introduction by Philip Geeves) [See ENGLAND - ENG 81]
See separate listing
SHPMost volumes are Reference Only
1Passenger Shipping Lists from England to Lyttelton 1870-1874 (Ramsay, Charlotte Gladstone, Merope, Dover Castle, Crusader 1872/3, Mary Shepherd, Isles of the South, Reichstag, Atrato, Crusader 1874)
2Temporary Quarters: Immigrant Accommodation in Canterbury 1840-1876 - Ronald A. Chapman
3Immigration to South Canterbury - Mountainview High School Form Six History Special Studies 1988 (Ship Passenger lists: Opawa 1880, Orari 1879; Waitangi 1879; Duke of Edinburgh 1875, Merope 1875; Strathallan 1859, Waikato 1877; Lancashire Witch 1863; Ivanhoe 1864, Peeress 1874; Victory 1873, Echunga 1862, Warwick 1879; Crusader 1877, Halcione 1876, Merope 1879, Taiaroa 1876, Countess of Kintore 1876, William Davie 1877, Waimate 1877; Opawa 1879, Waikato 1878, Opawa 1877, Arawata 1878, Claude 1878; Timaru Herald articles)
4Shipping Records: Passenger Lists (Master Listing of Passenger Lists held in N. Z. Society Genealogists Inc. Shipping Archives Collection at 1 December 1979; A Guide to Passenger Lists held in the New Zealand Collection of Canterbury Public Library as at 31st December 1996; Passenger List for the "Gipsy" arrived Wellington 1854; List of Government Emigrants per ship "James N. Fleming" from Clyde for Otago July 1877; Scenes at Embarkation: Etchings of an Emigrant)
5Passengers to Australia 1848: Passenger Lists of the Agincourt, Fairlie, and Harpley (all extracted from The Lacemakers of Calais)
06a National Register of Shipping Arrivals: Australia and New Zealand - Andrew G. Peake (Editor (AFFHO, 1989)
06b National Register of Shipping Arrivals Australia and New Zealand - Andrew G. Peake (Editor (AFFHO, 1992)
7The New Zealand Hospital Ship "Maheno": The First Voyage July, 1915, to January, 1916
8The Voyages of His Majesty's New Zealand Hospital Ships "Marama" and "Maheno" (2nd volume)
9Extracts from the Weekly Press, Jubilee Number published Dec. 15. 1900 recording the passenger lists of twenty seven vessels arriving at Lyttelton carrying Immigrants for the Canterbury Association (Charlotte Jane, Randolph, Sir George Seymour, Cressy, Castle Eden, Isabella Hercus, Travancore, Duke of Bronte, Steadfast, Labuan, Bangalore, Dominion, Lady Nugent, Duke of Portland 1851, Midlothian, Canterbury, Sir George Pollok, Cornwall, Fatima, Columbus, William Hyde, Stag, Samarang, Persia, Duke of Portland 1852, Minerva, Tasmania; arrivals in vessels other than chartered ships & those born in province before 15th March 1853)
10a Shipping Lists & Indexes from New Zealand Society of Genealogists (various ship lists and passenger lists, from the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s)
10b Shipping Lists & Indexes from N.Z.S.G. (continuation from folder 10a)
11Coming Out: The Incredible Journey of Mary Brown (A Gripping First Person Account) [A diary of voyage to Port Chalmers, NZ, on "Arima" in 1863]
12Shipping Lists - Various Ships & Passenger Lists (Lancashire Witch, Echunga, Victory 1863, Ivanhoe, Peeress; Vessels dispatched from Great Britain for the Settlement of Otago from 1847 to 1850, together with a list of Emigrants - John Wickliffe, Philip Lang, Victory 1848, Blundell, Ajax, Mary, Mariner 1849, Larkins, Cornwall, Kelso, Pekin, Mooltan, Berkshire, Lady Nugent, Poictiers, Mariner 1850, Eden, Phoebe Dunbar, Titan; British Empire; 'White Wings' - The James Nicol Fleming, The Indian Empire; James N. Fleming 1877; Robert Henderson 1860, 1863, 1870; British Crown; Victory 1859; 'White Wings' - Blue Jacket; W. H. R. Dale Album, Canterbury Museum - Chrysolite, Zealandia, Folly Turner, Merope, Ben More, Friedeburg, St Leonards, LadyJocelyn, Pleiades 1872, Crusader 1872/3, Cissy, Varuna, Agra, Pleiades 1874, Waimate, Alice, W. W. Smith, Waitangi)
13Australasian Ships: A List of 783 Ships that served in Australia and New Zealand waters 1836-1982
14Larkins Shipboard Diary. The Larkins, a New Zealand Company Ship, sailed from London, England 6th June 1849 and arrived at Port Chalmers, New Zealand 11th September 1849
15Ship "Titanic": Passengers on voyage April 1912 - Passengers on Disaster Voyage
16Lions of Scotland - Passenger List of Migration from Nova Scotia to New Zealand (taken from the book "Lions of Scotland" - Neil Robinson)
17         Bristol Merchant Seamen: An Alphabetical Listing for the Crew Lists for the Year 1863 who worked the ships at Bristol, England
18Shipwrecks Round the New Zealand Coast: A List of 2143 Shipwrecks round New Zealand Coast 1795-1990
19Passenger Arrivals in Otago Region 1875-1882: A List of Passengers - the Year of arrival and the Ship travelled on
20The Yachtman's Who's Who: Names taken from "The Yachtman's Annual" 1938-1939 (Book Index)
21Passenger Lists to New Zealand: A Partial Index of Surviving Passenger Lists 1884-1910
22Ships, Passenger Lists, and on Board Diaries (Ships calling at Portsmouth, Hampshire 1653-1700; Columbus; SS Great Britain; First 4 Ships – Charlotte Jane, Cressy, Sir George Seymour & Randolph; Indiana; Star of India; Swiftsure; Ben Nevis; Zealandia; Trade Wind; Corinthic 1905; Catherine Stewart Forbes; Corinthic 1912; Tinonee; Pladda; Sailing to the New Land – article; Royal Dane; Arrival of the White Star, Hobsons Bay, Victoria, 1855; Alardus; SS Arayaba - Diary of a Voyage from London to Australia, 1899)
23Indexes & Extracts of Passenger Lists, Ships & Ship Wrecks, from books (Champion of the Seas; Names/Places/Ships relating to Nelson Province from "Footprints Too"; “The Gael Fares Forth”; Germans from Russia - list of ships; Cutty Sark; Crusader 1874; Bombay; HMS Buffalo; "The Long Farewell"; HMS Osprey & Orpheus; Navarino; "The Pegasus Book of Smugglers"; "The Farthest Promised Land"; "New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795-1982"; "The Great Days of Canals")
24Armed Forces: Airforce, Army, Navy (The British Fleet 1894; The Wreck of HMS Birkenhead; HMS Leopard; Rescue Ships in World War II Convoys; Deaths on Board 'Maheno' at Gallipoli 1915; HM Submarine Thetis; The Royal Navy - A History; Navy List for 1851 - Civil Service, England; War Pilots and their Crew)
25Sail in the South: The Great Days of Sail around Australia and New Zealand - Shipping photographs from the Edwardes Collection; Text by Ronald Parsons
26How to Find Shipping and Immigration Records in Australia - Cora Num
27English Shipping to Various Places in America: Passenger Lists (1840-1841. Alesto, Britannia, Chaos, Echo, Harmony, Isaac Newton, North America, Rochester, Sheffield, Tyrian)
28List of Immigrants, Debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passage Moneys (“Assisted Immigration Passage Money Account”) 1848 – 1869
29The First Four Ships: Canterbury colonist families share their histories - published by The Press (October 2006) [copy also in Canterbury - CANT08]
30a Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 1 (Accrington – British King) Includes ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF SHIPS, Year(s), Departure & Arrival Ports
30b Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 2 (British Queen – Charlotte Gladstone)
30c Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 3 (Charlotte Gladstone cont. – Crusader)
30d Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 4 (Crusader cont. – Greyhound)
30e Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 5 (Greyhound cont. – Joseph Fletcher)
30f Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 6 (Joseph Fletcher cont. – Merope)
30g Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 7 (Merope cont. – Orari)
30h Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 8 (Orari cont. – Sir Edward Paget)
30i Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 9 (Sir Edward Paget cont. – Victory)
30j Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 10 (Victory cont. – Zealandia)
30k Immigration to Canterbury – Ship Passengers Lists, Vol. 11 (Zealandia, cont.; original index)
31Immigrant Ships 1874: shipping News, Including Reports of Ships Arriving in other Ports Carrying Immigrants for the South Canterbury Region – Extracted from the Timaru Herald
32a Dr Gundry’s Diary (Part I) (Surgeon-superintendent on the Steadfast February-June 1851)
32b Dr Gundry’s Diary (Part I) (Commencing Practice in Christchurch June-October 1851)
33Alfred’s Diary 1874: Chronicle of a voyage from Plymouth to New Zealand beginning April 5th, 1874. [Alfred Lawrence]
34Narrative of Voyage t New Zealand – by John Liddiard Nicholas, Esq. [Performed I the Years 1814 and 1815, in company with the Rev. Samuel Marsden.]
35Edwin Fox 1853: Hard-won Heritage
SCH See the schools listing under Schools tab
1Timaru Technical High School, 1966
2Timaru College, 1969
3Timaru College, 1970
4Timaru College, 1971
5Timaru College, 1973
6Timaru College, 1979
7Timaru College, 1980
8Timaru College, 1981
9Timaru College, 1982
10Mountainview High School, 1985
11Mountainview High School, 1987
12Mountainview High School, 1988
13Roncalli College, 1982 [2 copies]
14Roncalli College, 1995
15Roncalli College, 1996
16Pleasant Point High School, 1988
17Pleasant Point High School, 1989
18Timaru Technical High School, Golden Jubilee 1951
19Timaru Technical High School, 1965
20Timaru Technical High School, 1953
21Mercy College, 1970
22Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1929
­23 Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1930
24Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1955
25Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1960
26Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1961
27Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1962
28Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1963
29Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1964
30Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1980
31The Timaruvian, Jubilee 1930
32The Timaruvian, 1960
33The Timaruvian, 1961
34The Timaruvian, 1962
35The Timaruvian, 1963
36The Timaruvian, 1969
37The Timaruvian, 1970
38The Timaruvian, 1971
39The Timaruvian, 1972
40The Timaruvian, 1981
41The Timaruvian, 1982
42The Timaruvian, 1994
43The Timaruvian, 1995
44The Timaruvian, 1996
45The Timaruvian, 1997
46The Timaruvian, 1998
47Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, Aug 1944
48Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, Oct 1945
49Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, Nov 1946
50Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1947
51Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1948
52Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1949
53Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1950
54Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1951
55Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1952
56Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1953
57Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1954
58Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1956
59Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1957
60Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1958
61Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1959
62Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1965
63Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1966
64Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1967
65Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1968
66Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1969
67Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1970
68Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1971
69Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1972
70Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1973
71Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1974
72Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1975
73Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1976
74Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1977
75Timaru Girls' High School Magazine, 1978
76Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1979
77Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1981
78Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1982
79Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1983
80Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1984
81Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1985
82Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1986
83Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1987
84Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1988
85Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1989
86Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1990
87Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1991
88Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1992
89Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1993
90Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1994
91Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1995
92Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, 1998
93Timaru Girls' High School Chronicle, May 1938
94The Timaruvian (Magazine of the Timaru Boys' High School and its Old Boys' Association), 2006
95The Timaruvian (Magazine of the Timaru Boys' High School and its Old Boys' Association), 2004
96Mountainview High School, 1995
97Mountainview High School, 1996
98Mountainview High School, 1997
99Timaru Technical High School Magazine, 1954
100Timaru South School – The Year That Was, 2015
Microfiche Index: Microfiche Records, Microfiche Resources.
These are held at the South Canterbury Museum Research Room and may be used by members of the South Canterbury Branch of the NZSG on presentation of their current membership card, and by members of the public at the rate of $2.00 per session (payable to museum)
Index of BIRTHS, 1840 - 1990, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of MAORI BIRTHS, 1911-1961, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of MARRIAGES, 1840 - 1990, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of MAORI MARRIAGES, 1911 - 1961, of N Z R-G’s Office
Index of DEATHS, 1848 - 1990, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of MAORI DEATHS, 1911 - 1961, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of WAR DEATHS, 1914-1918, of N.Z Registrar-General’s Office
Index of WAR DEATHS, 1939, of N Z Registrar-General’s Office
New Zealand CEMETERY Transcripts [Headstones & Burial Records] (NZSG holdings)
Officiating Ministers in New Zealand 1848-1900
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Coromandel (Auckland Roman Catholic Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Ellesmere (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Gisbourne (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Howick (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Onehunga (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Otahuhu (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Paeroa (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Panmure (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Puhoi (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of St Benedicts (Auck. R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of St Patricks (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Thames (Auckland R C Diocese Archive), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Northern Wairoa (Auck. R C Diocese Arch.), Index
Sacramental Register for the Parish of Whangarei (Auck. R C Diocese Archive), Index
Catholic Registers of Pukekohe Parish, Index
Catholic Registers of Te Aroha Parish, Index
Otago-Southland NZ - Anglican Marriages, 1841-1920
Otago-Southland NZ - Presbyterian Marriages, 1848-1920
Otago-Southland NZ - Roman Catholic Marriages, 1855-1920
South Island Presbyterian Church Records Knox College Library Archives - List of Holdings
Canterbury Provincial Roll 1873-1874
NZ Electoral Rolls 1870-1871
NZ Electoral Rolls 1881 index
NZ Electoral Rolls 1893
NZ Electoral Rolls 1902
NZ Electoral Rolls 1914
NZ Electoral Rolls 1925
NZ Electoral Rolls 1938
NZ Electoral Rolls 1949 & 1951 supplement
NZ Electoral Rolls 1960
NZ Electoral Rolls 1972
NZ Electoral Rolls 1981
Wise's NZPO Directory 1885-1886
­Wise's NZPO Directory 1910
­Wise's NZPO Directory 1920
Wise's NZPO Directory 1930
Wise's NZPO Directory 1940
Auckland Provincial Highway Districts Assessment Rolls 1863-1870: Index
Province of Canterbury, New Zealand: List of Sections Purchased to 30 April 1863
Fencible Settlements Land Grants
Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand - October 1882
Sheepowners Returns 1880, 1890 and 1900
Taranaki Crown Grants: An Index to Land Records
Discharged in New Zealand - Soldiers of the Imperial Foot Regiments who took their discharge in NZ 1840-1870 - Hugh & Lynn Hughes (indexed 2001)
"Honour the Light Brigade". An index to the book by W. M. Lummis & K. G. Wynn
Imperial Regiments in N.Z. 1856, 1862 & 1864
New Zealand Contingents to the South African War
New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1914-1918 War
First NZEF Reserve & Military Defaulters - WW1
New Zealand Expeditionary Force Rolls 1939-1948
Roll of Honour 1840-1902: Defenders of the Empire Resident in NZ
Divorce Information Extracted from NZ Truth Newspaper c.1946-c.1966
Enid Seton-Kellaway Collection: Death Notices NZ Newspapers 1957-1984
"Feilding Star" 1882-1909: Extracts of Births, Deaths & Marriages
"Feilding Star" 1910-1922: Extracts of Births, Deaths & Marriages
"Hawera Star" 1880-1982: Transcript of Births
"Levin Daily Chronicle" 1915-1925 "An Index"
"Lyttelton Times" 1851-1865: Extracts of Births & Deaths
"Lyttelton Times" 1851-1880: Transcriptions of Marriage Notices
"Taranaki Herald" 1852-1880: Births, Marriages & Deaths
Index NZ - Names - Newspapers/Magazines; 1987-1998
Obituaries - Scottish Immigrants to NZ - Vol. 1 [SIG, NZSG]
Obituaries - Scottish Immigrants to NZ - Vol. 2 [SIG, NZSG]
Obituaries - Scottish & Nova Scotian Settlers in New Zealand 1933-1979
A Guide to Firsthand Shipboard Diaries for Voyages to New Zealand, 1840-1900
New Plymouth, Arrivals & Departures - Shipping Index 1852 - 1880
New Zealand Shipping Company - Register 1875-1893
New Zealand Shipwrecks (Ingram) - Traill's Index to Persons & Vessels
Otago Settlers Pre-1861: Val Maxwell Index
Passenger Lists Victoria, Australia, outwards to NZ: Part One, 1852-1860
Passenger Lists Victoria, Australia, outwards to NZ: Part Two, 1861-1865
Passenger Lists Victoria, Australia, outwards to NZ: Part Three, 1866-1870
Passenger Lists Victoria, Australia, outwards to NZ: Part Four, 1871-1880
Patrick Henderson Shipping Co. Lists 1871-1880
Port of Wellington Entry 1856-1887
Shipping to New Zealand 1839-1889: Comber Index
Canterbury Death Duty Registers Index, 1867-1914
Deceased Estates "NZ Gazette" 1866-1900
Deceased Persons' Estates, Canterbury, 1887-1914
Intestate Estates "NZ Gazette" 1843-1869
NZ Probates: Vol. 1: An Index to Pre-1900 Records
Public Trust Deceased Estates, 1901-1958, Canterbury, NZ
Wills at Lands & Deeds, Wellington
Aliens Naturalised in New Zealand 1843-1916
Auckland Marriages from 1848, Volume 1 - Alphabetical Index
Bankruptcies in Canterbury, New Zealand 1863-1880: An Index
Bankruptcies in New Zealand 1881-1940: An Index
Macdonald Dictionary: Omnibus Index
Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies Index
Machinery Accidents, 1879-1919: An Index
Masters, Mates & Engineers, 1866-1921: An Index
Mining Accidents, 1879-1958: An Index
New Zealand IGI
NZ Library Association Index to Obituaries & Death Notices : NZMJ 1886-Feb. 1981
NZ Patents, 1860-1890: An Index to Applications by NZ Residents
NZ Patents, 1891-1912: An Index to Applications by NZ Residents
New Zealand Public School Teachers, Dec. 1907
NZ River Drownings, 1840-1887, & Drownings in River Avon, Christchurch, 1850-1900
Pre-1900 Families Index: Part 1 - First Families Collection
Pre-1900 Families Index: Part 2 - Pre-1900 Families Collection to 1993
Pre-1900 Families Index: Part 2 - Pre-1900 Families Collection - supplement 1995
Public Service Appointments, 1912-1927
Register of New Zealand Immigrants of Scottish Birth, Pre 1921 [NZSG Scottish Group]
Register of New Zealand Immigrants of Scottish Birth, Pre 1921 (Part 2) [SIG, NZSG]
Swainson's Studio Negative Index 1923-1939 (Taranaki)
Swainson's Studio Negative Index 1939-1950
Witnesses who gave evidence to Commissions & Committees, 1858-1935: An Index
Women Named in Cyclopedia of New Zealand
Australian Vital Records - Western Australia: Deaths 1906-1953 (removed, unreadable)
MacPhails National Directory of Tasmania 1867-68
Berkshire FHS Members' Interests 1998
Cornwall FHS Members' Interests 1994
Cornwall FHS Members' Interests 1996
1861 Census Surname Index: North Devon
Devon FHS Members' Interests 1997
Devon FHS Members' Interests 2000 [x 2]
General Index of Memorial Inscriptions for Gloucestershire, England, GFHS 1994
Handbury, Oxfordshire - Parish Registers: Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1560-1860
Inner London Directory 1838-1847; An Index to Tallis's 1969 publication of People, Trades, Streets & Principal Features
London Marriage Licences & Allegations 1521-1869
Nottinghamshire: British Isles Genealogical Register 1994 (Index)
Notts. Marriage Index 1700-1753, 1754-1812, 1813-1837 (part)
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers, Marriages - Vols. 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21
Protestation Returns 1641/2 Notts./Derbys.
Nottinghamshire Monumental Inscriptions 1; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8
Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire - Parish Registers
Somerset & Dorset FHS Members' Interests 1996/7
The Return of Owners of Land 1873 for the County of Warwickshire, England
McKirdy Index: Bute Deaths 1855-1875 (Scotland)
McKirdy Index: Clackmannan Deaths 1855-1875 (Scotland)
McKirdy Index: Kinross Deaths 1855-1875 (Scotland) [incomplete]
McKirdy Index: Lanark Deaths 1855-1875 (Scotland)
McKirdy Index: Lanark Deaths 1856 (Scotland)
McKirdy Index: Sutherland Deaths 1855-1875 (Scotland)
Computer Resource Library:
These are held in the the filing cabinet at the South Canterbury Museum Research Room and may be used by members of the South Canterbury Branch of the NZSG on Sundays or by request. They may be used on behalf of members of the public by Sunday duty members, at the rate of $2.00 per session (payable to museum). NB some of these CDs cannot be used on current computer.
011851 Census: Devon, Norfolk & Warwick Counties [1 disk]
021851 Census: Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset (partial) & Wiltshire [1] (x 2)
05Australian Vital Records [4 disks]
06Christchurch Cemeteries: Memorial Park, Ruru & Waimairi [1]
07'War Census' - NZ World War I Service Personnel & Reserves Index (Version 2) [1 disk]
08Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory for 1926 (Colonial CD Books)
09The School List of Christ's College Grammar School From 1850 to 1921 (Colonial CD Books)
10Irish Web Sites [1] (NZSG Irish interest group, 2003)
11'Various Indexes' [1]
12a New Zealand Burial Locator - Version 2 (NZSG, 2009) [1]
13                 Waimakariri District North Canterbury NZ - Burial Records (Version 1 - 2007)
14                 White Wings 50 Years of Sail in New Zealand 1840-1900 (Colonial CD Books) [1 disk]
15                 Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Wellington Provincial District, Vol. 1 [2 disks]
16                 Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Auckland, Vol. 2 [2]
17                 Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Canterbury, Vol. 3 [2]
18Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Otago & Southland, Vol. 4 [2]
19                 Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Nelson, Marlborough & Nelson, Vol. 5 [2]
20                 Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Taranaki, Hawkes Bay & Wellington, Vol. 6 [2]
21aNational Burial Index for England & Wales (Third Edition, 2010) [1]
22The New Zealand Gazette for 1860 (Colonial CD Books) [1]
23Who's Who in New Zealand 1938 (Colonial CD Books) [1]
24NZ Electoral Roll 1893 (searchable) [1 disk]
25New Zealand Marriages 1836-1956 (NZSG) [1 disk]
26a Catholic Diocese of Christchurch - Baptism Index: 1840-30 June 1908 (V.1.2)
27Early Wellington Settlers (over 130,000 records) [NZSG Wellington]
28Australian Vital Records - Victoria Federation Index: Births Deaths and Marriages 1889-1901
29Australian Vital Records - Tasmania Federation Index: Births 1900-1919; Deaths and Marriages 1900-1930 [1]
30Matamata Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions (2005)
31Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin - Headstones (2006)
32South Australian Births Registrations 1842 to 1906
33South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1928
34Victoria, Australia - Edwardian Index 1902-1913 Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria
35Victoria, Australia - Index to Deaths in Victoria 1921-1985
36NZSG INDEX Version 5 (2008)
37Middlesex - Phillimore Parish Records (Volumes 1-9)
38Warwickshire - Phillimore Parish Records (Volumes 1-3)
39Cornwall - Phillimore Marriage Records (Volumes 1-26)
40Leicestershire - Phillimore Marriage Records (Volumes 1-12)
41Rushton, Northamptonshire - Parish Registers (Baptism, marriage and burial records) 1538-1837
42Kelvin Grove Cemetery (Palmerston North) - Burials and Headstone Inscriptions
43Marine Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria 1853-1920
44Marriage Index Victoria 1921 to 1942
45South Australian Marriages 1842 to 1916
46South Australian Deaths 1916-1972
47Cemetery Transcripts (Australia): Index to selected M. I. Transcriptions held at AIGS
48Essex Phillimore Parish records Volumes 1 to 4
49Gloucester Phillimore Parish Records Volumes 1 to 17
50Hampshire Phillimore Marriage Records Volumes 1 to 16
51Oxfordshire Parish Records Volumes 1 and 2
52Wiltshire Phillimore Marriage Records Volumes 1 to 14
53Yorkshire Phillimore Parish Records Volumes 1 to 4
54The Clergy List for 1852 – A comprehensive, alphabetical list of all clergy throughout England, Wales, Ireland, the Scottish Episcopal church, the army and navy, & colonial dioceses [1]
55Passenger Lists – Victoria, Australia Outwards to New Zealand 1852-1923 [1]
56Who do you think you are? London Ancestors East (March 2010)
57Who do you think you are? London Ancestors West & City (April 2010)
58The London 1851 Census (Index disc & 31 discs)
59New Zealand Combined Electoral Rolls 1881, 1893 & 1896 [1]
60A Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand October 1882 [1]
61The Jim Pearce Index Obituaries reported in The Evening Post 1929-1977 [1]
62Family Research Centre Software Package [1]
63New Zealand 1911 Electoral Roll [1]
64The Lancashire 1851 Census (census page images & area indexes) [35]
65Navy List 1918 [1]
66Post Office Directory of Sussex 1851 [1]
67Miscellaneous Parish Registers Sussex [1]
68Who do you think you are? Hampshire Ancestors [1]
69NZSG Kiwi Index v1.0 (Institutional Version) [1] installed on computer; CD not required)
70The Naval Chronology of Great Britain 1803-1816 [1]
71New Zealand Cemetery Records: Waikato, King Country and Taupo [1]
72New Zealand Early Settlers Locator [1]
73Indexes and Extracts of Births, Deaths and Marriages 1851-1891, as published in The Lyttelton Times [1]
74Devonshire Family History Society Members’ Interests 2003
75Headstone Transcriptions: Oamaru Cemeteries
76Births, Deaths and Marriages 1845-1866 from “The New Zealander” – extracted by Jackie Walles
77Early Auckland Births and Deaths – compiled by Shirley Kendall
78Waikato Births, Deaths & Marriages 1864-1900
79Waimakariri Index: Waimakariri Database 2000 a Millenium Project – Waimakariri District Council 2000
80Timaru Then & Now 2005
81Morven – 125th Photos
82“My First 80 Years”, 1906-1986 – Charles John Leighton Pye (Churv) & Story Family History (family - from John Story & Mary Lambert – C. J. Pye
83New and Must-Have Google Tips for Genealogy – presented by Lisa Louise Cooke (Legacy Family Tree Webinars) [2015]
84Canterbury Birth Records From Newspaper Entries
85Canterbury Death Records (extracted from early newspapers) 1851-1900
86Otago Births (From Otago Newspaper Records)
87Otago Death Records From Early Newspaper Entries 1851-1900
88Otago Marriages from Early Newspaper Entries
89West Coast, Nelson & Marlborough Birth Records (From Newspaper Entries)
90Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Directory for 1926 (Stone’s)
91New Zealand Bankruptcy Notices January 1892 to December 1904
92Deceased Estates Listed Under the New Zealand Public Trust 1880 to 1928/1931 to 1950
93New Zealand Medical Practitioner Register 1873, 1882-1920
94Scottish Web Sites – Scottish Interest Group (Waikato) New Zealand
95Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 [1]
96Anzac Memorial (Roll of Honour of almost 20,000 Australians who died in the war, & more)
97South Canterbury Club: A Brief History 1890-2008 – by David A. Jack (Nov 2008)
98New Zealand Land Transactions Index - North Auckland, South Auckland and Taranaki Land Districts, 1871-1891
99Who do you think you are? Gloucestershire Ancestors
100Who do you think you are? Kent Ancestors (May 2009)
101Who do you think you are? South Wales Ancestors (February 2009)
102Practical Family History (Magazine) CD, September 2005
103Practical Family History (Magazine) CD, September 2010
104Family History Monthly (Magazine) CD, 40 (Somerset, Yorkshire and Kent)
105Your Family History (Magazine) CD Issue 62
106Your Family History (Magazine) CD Issue 96
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